Bev Mo - THE WORST!!!!

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The worst customer service. They never pick up the phone - They never answer live chat.

Don't order on line If i could give them zero stars I would

Tried over and over again to send gifts to people. Addresses could never be "verified" they were all correct. even had a postal worker look at them. !!!!

Tried calling over and over to get help.

Tried on line chat - no one would ever come on line to help. Left message to see if I could get help.

No one ever came back to help me and I was polite every time. Just if you need on line service go some place else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bev Mo Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Bev Mo in Glendora, California - Could you BE any more offensive and rude?

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Went in for the first time in years for their holiday selections and shopped for a long time. After making all my selections and being rung up they guy at the counter asked for my ID.

I had lost my license at Knots Berry Farm and so I had just went in and ordered a new one. Pulling out the interm CDL and a photo ID I handed both to the guy and he ROLLED HIS EYES. This got my attention but I didn't say anything. he went to get a manger to approve, no big deal right.

I continued chatting with my partner when this guy came back, handed back my IDs and told me they were unacceptable. Myself and about two other people in line and my friend and a girl that worked there and was watching all just stared at him. I asked..why? He said..I just can't.

Okay...yes...we were all standing there in disbelief for a second but I didn't get mad until this guy started grilling me on "why don't you have a government issued ID or your passport?" I had to take another second to think because I was shocked he thought it was his business but more, the way he thought he was allowed to talk to me. I told him. "THAT is a government issued ID." He said. "Why don't you have a passport?" I said, "I did not plan on buy wine outside the country tonight." My friend stepped in and asked him if he was for real and then said he would pay.

I said. "No." We are not shopping here and both of us left.

Unbelievable. Their selection might be great, but I will never ever shop there if this is how they allow their people to talk to the customers.

Bev Mo in San Bruno


My friends and I went in one day just to buy Bawls, an energy drink. The lady carded us despite the fact that Bawls is an energy drink and not actual alcohol. When we questioned her for a reason, she said "because you can mix it with alcohol." Okay, fine so we buy liquid in a store where it says "Must be 21 to enter!" It still seems ridiculous to me to card for an energy drink, but I'll give this round to her.

However! The next time we go to this bev mo, we get the same clerk. She cards us again, but this time we are buying alcohol, so fair enough. My friend didn't have enough to pay (by 25 cents) so she asked my other friend if he had change. When he gives her 25 cents, the clerk then asks to see HIS ID....His ID because he gave my paying friend a frickin quarter! I didn't know it was a law to card people for giving change to their friends! Maybe if he was paying for most of it, but a quarter!!!! YARGH.

The clerks at Bev Mo are generally nice, but this lady is just a complete ***!



The employees I'm sure are told to ID anyone who handles alcohol and anyone who pays for alcohol. If they see you giving change to your friend to buy a bottle of booze, they will be IDing both you and your friend. That's company policy, and the law.

BevMo also reserves the right to card people at any time regardless of products they're buying and whether or not their friends handled it. So for the person in the Salinas store and the San Bruno, it's normal procedure for the cashier. Also, how do they know that you didn't make a deal before you walked in the store? Some times it happens, and then we end up being liable to some extent.

For everyone who reads this, before you go into a BevMo or any liquor store, or even if you buy liquor from a grocery store...make sure the people going into the store and buying the booze are over 21, make sure to always have a driver's license or legal identification on you. If you don't like it, don't shop there...but don't call somebody a *** when all they're doing is following corporate policy!

Belfast, Maine, United States #175803

The law is the Law, the detailed policies on how many people in a group buying booze is by each store. Most grocery stores card everyone present when booze is being bought, at my store it is whoever is buying it and if anyone else is going to touch or carry it they have to be carded at least in California, I do not know about Arizona. Minors CAN NOT contribute even a penny to the purchase of alcohol without the clerk losing her job and the store fined and possibly closed.


did you say your friend was underage? i was at the store in salinas today and they wanted ID for both myself and bfriend.

i had not touched the alcohol nor was paying for it. anyways i got my ID out of the car, i'm 37 so no prob there. My bfriend is 27 and had his LPR card, federal ID. The clerk says according to the ABC it has to be a CAID.

i checked the law and it says Federal id ok. i don't get it.


The clerk would be fired on the spot, fined, and possibly arrested depending on the situation, even if it just a penny. Yes, you are a d-bag.


It may be only a quarter but it is against the law for an adult to use a minor's money to buy alcohol. She did the right thing. Get over it.

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